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Our CRM expertise makes sales teams more effective, organized, and successful.

Welcome to Full Contact Selling. It’s the website of Rick McCutcheon, CRM coach and professional speaker. Rick is a Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP and Certified Sales Professional with advanced expertise in CRM, sales process design and social selling. Through his 20-plus years of practice Rick has developed the Full Contact Selling (FCS) methodology. FCS delivers a unique advantage over traditional sales methodologies by fully integrating the three key areas of sales productivity:

1. Proven business processes
2. Selling skills
3. Best practice use of CRM and related technologies



Do you have a group you want to reach on the many benefits of using a CRM system? Rick is often a keynote speaker and a return presenter at major CRM conferences around the world. He also chairs a number of CRM user groups and think tanks.


Rick’s leadership has turned weak sales forces into CRM masters, building not-before-seen returns for companies across North America. His coaching has helped all facets of CRM use, C-Suite, directors, managers, administration, distribution, customer service and of course sales forces – embrace and thrive in a CRM culture.


Building the right approach to CRM management is like leveraging a blueprint for success. In today’s competitive marketplace, technology tools have become essential. Rick’s workshops provide clear concise understanding of the CRM advantage in a B2B, B2C, or any organizational operation.

“When it comes to knowing CRM, Sales Automation, and how to engage and work with organizations, Rick McCutcheon is masterful. Rick guided and helped us transform and uniquely position our practice. He considered our market place, skills, and past experiences to develop a short and long term strategy that would be repeatable and sustainable.”

-Jim Selvio, Software Consultant Specializing in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

“Rick is absolutely the go-to person when it comes to CRM implementation. He brings a vast amount of experience that has been accumulated over the years to other consultants simply don’t have. That experience gives Rick the edge when it comes to making sure your CRM investment returns the proper ROI. There is nobody better.”

-Brian Jeffrey, Sales Management Consultant

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